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    Izmir Commodity Exchange Commodity

    1 Nisan 2015 15:12
    Izmir Commodity Exchange Commodity
    E-Commodity Bazaar is an e-marketplace established by the Izmir Commodity Exchange in order to promote the trading of agricultural and food products.
    By this site, the important experience which the Izmir Commodity Exchange has acquired in the exchange of agricultural products for more than 120 years shall be combined with technology.
    E-Commodity Bazaar only allows members firms to display their products and to announce auctions for those products which they want to purchase and sell. Products displayed and auctions announced may be monitored by all. Mission of E-Commodity Bazaar, which does not have any guarantee in purchase and sales to be carried out by the members, is to enhance the trading of agricultural and food products on international level and to bring its members together. Being a non-profit organisation, E-Commodity Bazaar does not acquire any material earnings in the bidding operations to be carried out.






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